How to Use Instagram Video for Marketing?

Author: Karim Hachani

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Instagram video

Instagram has revolutionized the concept of picture and video sharing over the web. Millions of users are already connected to this network, and millions more are going to connect for the sake of enjoyment soon.  This success of Instagram is mainly for the wonderful picture and video sharing features of this social network. When a social network is used by such a large number of people, the marketing teams are instinctively attracted towards it to fulfill their advertisement needs.

Since Instagram is limited, and it supports only videos and pictures’ sharing; most entrepreneurs do not know how to implement Instagram Video for Marketing. That’s why Pepperweb has decided to share its expertise on this important subject for the readers who are short of money and who want to save their spending that they use for consulting expert digital agencies in fields of Android Applications, Web Development, Content Writing and Internet Marketing.

Use Geo tagging To Grow Brand Loyalty

Geo tagging is a function only used by Instagram that lets you tag a video to a specific location. However, numerous advantages are attached to this feature that can be tapped for the marketing of products and services’ of a company.

The Inside Look

You cannot deny the fact that the core purpose behind the use of social media is to share activities with people in their social circles. In this regard, you can aim your Instagram Videos at providing an inside look about your activities. Many of your connections will be impressed, which will finally help you in establishing an identity.

Encourage User Videos

Another great method to use Instagram Video for Marketing is to encourage videos from customers. In this regard, the simplest but the most effective option is to encourage customers to share videos that tell about how they feel about you.

Holding Contests Is Another Good Option

Probably, one of the best marketing techniques using Instagram video is to hold contests. It would not only increase your popularity in social circles but also open many new doors to interact with your customers. You must put a reasonable prize for the winner of the contest. This prize will surely create more interest in your audience due to which more people will like to get connected with you.

However, before announcing a contest, you should make a proper plan about what to do from the start until the end of a contest. You should select topics that are interesting to the people around you. In this regard, most entrepreneurs know what type of topics that can promote more activity in their contests. If you are not one of them, then you can content Pepperweb’s Internet Marketing, Content Writing and Web Designing professionals.

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